Denatonium Benzoate Brand in India

Dev Internationals is a well reputed and leading Denatonium Benzoate Manufacturer & Distributer brand in India along with USA, Canada and China. The chemical compound is counted as one of the bitterest products and used for the denaturing of alcohol. Afterward it becomes undrinkable and useful for the industries.

We always give priority to safety precautions during manufacturing as well as delivering. Hence, we are also entitled as exclusive Denatonium Benzoate Suppliers in India. Along with India, even we are actively available in USA, China and Canada.

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Denatonium Benzoates

Use of Denatonium Benzoate Powder

Being the leading Denatonium Benzoate distributer in India, we are well versed with its usage. Few of its applications

Agriculture Chemical Manufacturing

Pesticide Manufacturing

Sugar Factory

Household Factory

Product Specifications

Chemical Name Benzyl diethyl [(2,6-xylylcarbamoyl)methyl]
Ammonium Benzoate
Synonym Lignocaine Benzyl Benzoate, Lidocaine Benzyl Benzoate
CAS No 3734-33-6
Molecular Formula C28H34N2O3
Test Unit Specification
Appearance - White To Off White Powder
Assay % by mass 98-101
Acidity (3% aq.solution) - PH 6.5-7.5
Chloride % by mass Max 0.2
Loss On Drying, %(m/m) % by mass Max 1.0
Sulphated Ash % by mass Max 0.5
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